Travel Safer than Ever Before

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Travelling is a great thing to do because it lets you explore the world and enjoy life. Being in a single place all your life isn’t only boring, but it also is a waste knowing how many great places you can go to around the world. Thus, it makes perfect sense for you to travel to the places you want to go. However, you need to keep safe at all times knowing that anything can happen to you on the road.

Read on to get some handy safety tips from us!

Get a medical checkup before travelling.

Before anything else, it makes perfect sense for you to get a medical checkup. Make sure that you are healthy before you travel. Understand the country’s health concerns and see to it that there are no contagious diseases or viruses in the country. There are even places that require vaccinations, so you want to take note of that.

Don’t carry everything in one bag.

Convenience is all about having access to your necessities. However, you need to be careful when it comes to this.

Don’t keep all your money, identification, credit cards, and other vital things in your wallet. Instead, leave some of them in your hotel room. Lock them up. Separate your money from your identification items. This avoids you from losing everything if in case somebody steals your wallet.

Look back when leaving a spot.

It would be wise of you to look back while leaving so that you won’t leave things behind. Make this a habit. Bags, cellphones, and other small objects that you tend to hold are usually left behind on tables, chairs, or benches, so you might want to give a second look before you leave your area.

Don’t bring expensive things.

Also, if possible, don’t bring with you valuables. Yes, cameras are expensive and they’re also a necessity. However, they can easily be lost or stolen. It would be better if you use your smartphone instead. Jewelries should also be left at home.

Never talk to strangers.

Of course, you’ll be talking to new people because that’s what makes travelling cool right, meeting new people.

However, never be carried away and start trusting them with your personal information or life story. Don’t easily accept food or drinks from them unless, of course, they are your tour guide.


Travelling is all about having fun and going to new places and meeting new people. However, it shouldn’t bring you to the point of carelessness. Always be careful on everything you do. Be mindful of your belongings and your safety and be aware of your environment. Remember, you’re in a different place that you aren’t very familiar with. Having fun doesn’t always have to be putting your life or your belongings in danger.

Where to Go to in India

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Taj Mahal in early morning

India is full of surprises. Not only is it a great place for culture and history lovers, but it’s also an ideal location if you want to have fun in a different way. For sure, you’ll have loads of fun in this bustling country. But with the many places to go to in India, you’ll surely get lost. To avoid that from happening, we suggest you read on as we’ll help you decide which places you can go to in India. After all, it’s all about making the most out of your vacation, right?


Kashmir is considered as one of the best places to visit in India. It’ best known for its nickname, Heaven on Earth. Boasting scenic lakes, vibrant orchards, bustling meadows, and thick and lush stretches of pines and flowers, you’ll surely have a great time here. There are also captivating valleys and snow-capped Himalayan mountains over the horizon. All of which are surely going to amaze you.


Delhi is the capital city of India. You’ll find everything here, from street foods, to monuments, and even contemporary and metropolis structures. If you’re into shopping, then head to its many high-end malls. If you want to spend a night or two in style, then feel free to check in to any of its five-star or perhaps budget hotels and restaurants. It’s a city featuring the old and new India.


Agra is called as a city that is immersed in magical Mughal charm. It is home to the very popular and world famous Taj Mahal, which is considered as a world heritage site. For sure, this is one of the first places to visit, and maybe the most important place to go to in India.

Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar is where you’ll find scenic verdant forests, as well as clear and serene beaches. This place consists of 500 islands neatly tucked in the Bengal Bay. Head to its Radhanagar Beach or perhaps go to its Havelock Island and traverse its mysterious natural formations.

These aren’t the only places you can visit in India, as there are a lot more. The aforementioned are simply choices. Don’t hesitate to go to different places, we tell you. It’s how you’ll have more fun.

Best Reasons to Visit India

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India is one of the most popular countries in the world. Not just because of its booming economy and historical significance, but also because of the many tourist destinations one can go to there. Feel curious about this dazzling country, but not yet that compelled? If so, then read on as we’re going to show you why you need to visit India.

Beautiful rolling hills with fog in Inida

Taj Mahal

Many consider the Taj Mahal as the most beautiful building ever created. This historic infrastructure is truly remarkable because of its grandeur and meaning. Visit it at sunrise and you’ll see the majestic sun hover above it. Make sure it’s in your itinerary because this is surely your main destination when you go to India.


There is a festival going on almost every day in India. From camels, to elephants, kites, and even their gods Krishna and Rama’s comeback, they’ve got it all. One of the most popular festivals is the Festival of Color where people throw colored powder at each other while eating sweets. You surely want to get lost in this fun. There’s also the Festival of Lights that is celebrated ever fall where fireworks blaze up the night sky for hours at end.


If you’re an adventurer, then India is the best place for you. The tallest mountains in the world are found in the country. K2, Everest, and Kanchejunga. Also head to Simla, which is considered as India’s sacred city located in their local foothills.

Spicy food

India is all about spicy food. If you’re a fan of such, then it’d be best to head to this country. Spicy and hot food dishes are found everywhere. But don’t worry, though, as there are also lots of dahi and curd yogurt available to somehow soothe you down if it gets too spicy.

And many more…

These aren’t the only things you can do in India as there are a lot more. Head to this beautiful nation and explore on your own. For sure, you’ll discover that this country has much more to offer for vacationers.

Check Out India For A Big, Big Adventure

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I’m just gonna keep talking about India, because I’m kind of obsessed 😍

Indian woman in orange standing in a field of greenIf you want a grand adventure… the adventure of a lifetime… make sure that you visit India as soon as possible. No matter where you’re from, if you like to travel, then India is for you. Whether you like to travel alone and without a strict itinerary, or you prefer to travel with group tours that have your days planned out, there are boundless opportunities in this majestic country.

India has something for everyone. Even the pickiest of travelers are sure to find something that will enthrall and mesmerize, creating memories that can last a lifetime.

What could possibly be so great about India? There is almost an overabundance of tourist opportunities in India. From beautiful beaches, looming mountains, wildlife safaris, adventure tours, historical sites, massive deserts, eye-popping palaces, and breathtaking monuments, there is no shortage of memory-making experiences. Just picking one tour or region to visit will tell you why so many people visit India each year.

Tons of attractions are out there waiting, just for you. You can visit Kashmir, the Taj Mahal, the Amer Fort, Ganges River, Golden Temple, Mumbai, Delhi, and many other places.

What can you expect from these locations? In addition to the rich and storied history that includes forts, palaces, mausoleums, and religious sites, there is also breathtaking beauty to behold in the pristine beaches, stunning mountains, plentiful wildlife, and exalted national parks.

If you don’t believe me, just surf the net and visit India’s official site. Even a quick image search will give you a glimpse at all the impressive sights India has to offer. Take it from the previous visitors of India; you will not be disappointed if you head to India for your next vacation.

Planning for a trip to India is not hard. You can easily contact a travel agency that will be happy to plan your trip for you. There are several travel agencies in India, so make sure that you choose one with good reviews from reputable third-party review sites. Ask for the travel package that suits your needs. There are expensive packages as well as cheap ones; so you decide which is best suited for you.

Of course, you can always “wing it” and travel there without the assistance of a travel agent. I would only recommend doing this if you have some experience traveling in foreign countries already, or if you have done the research and know what to do to prepare for a big trip like that.

It’s really all up to you how you wish to travel. A little preparation goes a long way when traveling abroad. Either way, if you visit India I’m sure you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime!

Romantic Sites to Check On While Travelling Through India

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If you are a fan of Indian movies, then you know what romance means to these Mahatma Gandhi people. An Indian film, regardless of what it portrays, is punctuated with romantic songs and dances. A movie story will temporarily hold on as a man and a woman in love take over the screen, dancing through fields, streets and along the beaches. Then the story resumes for a while; then the romance song is back; it’s an on and off thing until the movie ends.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in many states in the USA and in all of Canada comes a new demand for the plant. And wouldn’t you know it, India wants a piece of the multi-billion dollar marijuana pie. India already has a thriving tourist industry, and now with sites like delivering the goods worldwide, India is about to have a thriving marijuana industry, too. Which, we hope, will bring more people to witness the spectacularly romantic destinations and great people this rich country offers.

India can only be one of the most romantic spots on Earth. Its ancient buildings, grand palaces, sparkling lakes, and lovely beaches will no doubt arose lovely feeling in your heart. If you have a special someone with whom you long to spend special moments, well, consider traveling to India. These are some of the most romantic spots you can visit:

The Taj Mahal

This is rightly supposed to be the most prominent romantic site in the world. It was extravagantly made with precious materials from around the world. Its creation took 20 years and involved the efforts of about 20,000 men. The symbol of love was built to house the body of Muntaz Mahal, who was Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife.

You should arrive here at sunrise to observe magnificent sights. You can sit with your partner on the Diana bench and absorb the spectacular surroundings. For amazing photos, come wearing bright colors and pose against the white taj. You may also have to hire a travel guide so you can learn plenty about the building and the family that brought it up. Expect to pay about INR 1000. No food is allowed through. But you can come with your sunscreen, camera, hat, water, and sunglasses.

The Jaisalmer Desert

Take your romance to the stunning Indian desert, right under the stars. What a night! What an enchanting desert! As the sun sets, as the sky fills with shooting stars, as you return from a long camel trek, as you enter your luxury tent with your partner in an isolated, peaceful spot reserved for you; in short, as all these happens, remember the people who told you about Jaisalmer desert in Rajasthan.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These are a collection of 572 beautiful islands in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal. Some are uninhabited while others are not. You and your partner should come here for a diving experience of its own kind in the coastal waters of these islands. The two of you will venture into the underwater world. You will be mesmerized by the swarms of colorful fish, the wrecks of sunken ships and the undamaged coral reefs. You can as well take underwater photos. The best season for diving is from December to April.

Apart from diving, you can also enjoy a trek in the wild forests on the islands, breathing fresh air.

Valley of Flowers National Park

Located in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand State in India, this is a hotspot for lovers, nature lovers, photographers, mountain-climbers, and botanists. There is something between lovers and flowers. You should visit the valley of flowers to find it out.


Be wary of the street foods in India, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Dine at the best restaurants. If you enter a restaurant with few or no customers inside, it could be because the food served in it is unclean. Walk out to a more popular one. Also, note that the Indians love too much chilli in almost every food they eat. If you don’t like it that way, let the chef know in advance or may order a meal you can’t eat.